What are the adventures?

Our activities change daily but can include hiking, tree climbing, swimming,  canoeing and more. We go to cafes and parks for art making, yoga, music and creative discussions. We have a community garden plot that we tend.  Sometimes we work on improvisational acting, story telling and making films together. The participants are encouraged to suggest adventures and are invited to help lead them.

Who leads the adventures?

Our Guides work in rotation through most groups. All are highly qualified, experienced and mindful leaders.  Together the team has over forty years of combined guiding experience.  All the Guides are college educated and CPR/First Aid certified....and all know how to help people have a great time every session!

Who can attend Adventure Club SLO?

Everyone over the age of 14 is welcome. We are designed as an alternative nature based “day program” for  people with special needs, but will consider anyone wishing to be more adventurous and make friends. We also offer private adventures. Contact the Director. 

When are sessions?

 Our groups meet Monday-Friday. We have am and pm groups.  People join a regularly scheduled group and attend weekly.  Some people attend multiple times per week.

What about transportation and weather?

People need to be able to get themselves to the meet up locations, both of which are located near bus stops. ACSLO does not provide door to door transportation.

We run sessions all year long, rain or shine. We have lots of fun in the weather when we are prepared...and when we aren't!

Is ACSLO a “Social/Recreation” program?

No. We do more than provide outings for people. We carefully work on clearly defined goals and assist participants with the subtle work of social interaction and nature connection. Progress is reviewed regularly.

Does ACSLO cost money to attend?

Yes. Some people pay privately. People served by the Regional Center qualify for an ACSLO "day program."

Is ACSLO affiliated with any other companies? 

Nope,  We remain a small but mighty organization. For the last decade ACSLO has helped hundreds of people to connect with nature and to discover their inner creative selves.  Adventure Club SLO remains the original and the best at what we do and is leading the charge towards innovative and nature connected services in SLO county and beyond.


SINCE 2007